Theme Lines

Blue Siren

An elegant mixture of textures, Blue Siren combines a deep matte blue with gold foil, etching, and a pop of glossy red.


Inspired by the minimalist styles of Scandanavia, Nord is both modern and playful, suited for children and adults.

Black & Gold

Make a bold and luxuruious statement with our Black & Gold line. Gold not your taste? Don't worry, there are plenty more metallic finishes to choose from.

Rainbow Color Splat

Make a splash with our bright and colorful RCS line.


Your property's history and a minimalist flair combine with our Newsprint line. And for a more rustic spin on the concept, there's Clipped!

Galaxy Quest

Metallic foil dazzles with our Galaxy Quest line. And for a bit of out of this world novelty, why not consider laser cats or unicorns to appeal to the younger set?